About Pinnacle Acting Company

Our Mission

Pinnacle Acting Company produces classic and contemporary classic theatre with an emphasis on award-winning plays.

Our History

When the founders of Pinnacle Acting  Company, Jared Larkin and Melanie Nelson, moved back to Utah 15  years ago after spending time in Los Angeles, Dallas and the Chicago  area, they noticed that there wasn’t a theatre company in Salt Lake  valley that focused on producing the classics and contemporary classics.  This meant that the renowned stories, playwrights, and even characters,  that have influenced the plays of the modern theatre weren’t being  shared and a part of history was being lost. Realizing the value of the  classics, and what they have meant in the development of modern theatre,  film, and other art forms, and the challenge and merit of these plays  for local artists, Melanie and Jared knew it was essential to bring  these stories to Utah’s audiences and artists. So, in 2006, Pinnacle  Acting Company was established.

Scene from Titus Andronicus


Mel Staff

Melanie Nelson

Co-Artistic Director/Managing Director

Jared Larkin

Co-Artistic Director
Suni Gigliotti – Headshot

Suni Gigliotti

PR Manager/Administrative Assistant
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Ryan Pullman

Operations Manager/Webmaster